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Year Of MORE


The Year of MORE is our signature program, designed to help you achieve deep personal and professional fulfillment, and live your life to the fullest every day. By taking on small challenges each week, you’ll become fully engaged in life and more deeply connected to yourself and others.

You’re going places. We’ll show you how to get there.

By making simple, small, but meaningful changes each week for one year, you can break down barriers to professional success and personal fulfillment. YOU can learn how to use social and emotional intelligence to excel in your relationships, in your career, and throughout your life.

A rich, full life of accomplishment, meaning and satisfaction is at your fingertips.  It’s about time to bring out your true self. Your best self.  The most awesome YOU in the universe.

You CAN with the Year of MORE—our proven, step-by-step, practical program, backed by science.

Elevate your life



of Year of MORE report feeling happier or more fulfilled in life.


of Year of MORE students were promoted or got a better job.


of Year of MORE students report less stress in their lives.

Elevate your life

Year of More Quarters

Personal Power

Personal Power will focus on you building your own personal power. You will learn how to maximize your own power to achieve the results you want in your life. You will learn what personal power is and discover its continuum of aggressiveness to passivity. Assertiveness, aggression, and passivity are equally valuable in building a satisfying life where you get the results you want.

Purposeful Living and Leadership

Enjoy every moment of your life by exploring your purpose and learning to recognize and orient to your own principles. In this quarter, you’ll more deeply explore your own beliefs about spirituality and purpose and discover new tools you can use every day to bring you meaning and purpose.

Nourishment and Self-Care: Foundations of Emotional Intelligence

Nourishment and Self-Care is the foundation for a Life of MORE. In this quarter you’ll not only learn what true nourishment and self care looks like, but also take advantage of our proven feelings curriculum as you learn to identify, honor, and responsibly express your feelings.

Robust Relationships: Foundations of Social Intelligence

Robust Relationships, you’ll discover ways to become closer with everyone in your life. The ability to forge deep, lasting relationships—both personal and professional—can bring you infinite satisfaction and success. In this quarter, you’ll explore and learn skills to reshape the early family beliefs that no longer serve you.

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