Women's Program

We’re dedicated to developing & training women leaders who know how to honor feminine values while honoring the masculine values needed to get there.

Unleash your feminine power. 

SOFIA, the Society of Femininity in Action, is dedicated to developing and training women leaders who know how to honor feminine values (like beauty, caring, collaboration, feelings) while honoring the masculine values needed to get there (driving and building).

Kicked off with an intensive Woman’s Essential Experience training, participants have the option to continue their women’s development with a level of participation that works for them—from basic lessons to intense women’s leadership project support and developments.

Let’s just say you’d be hard pressed to find a more kick-ass, dedicated, hard-working, fun loving group of women.

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How it works :

The Wright Women’s Program is truly a hands-on learning experience designed with full collaboration from fellow members providing the camaraderie, support and even constructive criticism and butt-kicking we may not always welcome. Our assignments consist of 4 major “real life” modules: Space, Sustaining, Reflecting, and Covenants.

Details :

The Women’s Essential Experience training takes place at our Wisconsin campus in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.
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For pricing and more information, please contact Barb Burgess at barbara@wrightliving.com.

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