Dr. Judith Wright | April 24, 2018

Want More Energy? Awaken and Live a Life of MORE

You get up late, drag yourself out of bed, get dressed, go to work. At the office your days feel long but uneventful—even boring.

Do you want more energy? If you’re wondering how you can jump in, break out of your routine and get more out of life, here’s what you need to know.



You come home, fix dinner, and sit on the couch watching TV and scrolling through Facebook on your laptop. When you look back on the weeks they seem to go by quickly, but nothing really stands out. Life trails on…you’re tired, blah, maybe a little rundown.

Do you want more energy? Do you ever wonder if there’s a way to get your enthusiasm and excitement back…if only you could find it? Do you feel like a life of more awaits you…if only you had the motivation and momentum to go out and seize it?

It’s time to wake up! Your life was meant to be an adventure! We each have an amazing opportunity to experience all the wonders the world has to offer. Life is full of new experience—a chance to create, discover, learn, grow, and enjoy each new day.

We may feel like bystanders, vicariously watching and living through the adventures of others. We look through social media and see what others are accomplishing. We feel like our life doesn’t measure up. We stick with routine and stay safely mired in our comfort zone.

Go On A Life Quest

Ever wonder how great explorers and adventurers find the drive to keep going? Look at endurance runners—how do they discover the energy and passion to keep moving forward, even when there’s nothing left in the tank?

While it might not be within each of us physically to run hundreds of miles or climb Mount Everest, we can learn a lesson from these intrepid explorers who keep pushing forward despite the odds working against them. Endurance is as much in the mind as the body.

If we want more energy, we must go for it! Experience and engagement itself is energizing. When we’re tuned in and turned on, the lights illuminate. Suddenly we’re experiencing aliveness. We’re awake, energized, in the zone. We’re discovering what’s called “flow.”

You see, flow is the hum we experience when work is going well. It’s the buzz we get when we’re engaged in a great conversation with another person and feel we’re really clicking in sync. Flow is the feeling we get when we’re discovering something new—when we’re deeply moved by an art exhibit, when we come out of a movie ready to delve into the greater meaning, or when we read a book about a topic we can’t wait to discuss with a friend.

If we want to awaken, feel energized, and experience more aliveness, we need to discover our flow!

Stayin’ Alive

Now with all this talk of aliveness and flow, you may feel like, “I’m obviously alive. What does it mean to ‘experience aliveness?’”

Aliveness is vibrancy. It’s energy and enthusiasm. When we’re experiencing aliveness, we feel the full range of our emotions—joy, of course, but also fear, anger, sadness, and hurt. We don’t shy away from emotions or avoid them because they’re uncomfortable. We stay open to new possibilities—we’re on an adventure.

As an adventurer, one of the key skills you need to develop…is an attitude of opportunity—looking for possibilities rather than problems in events and circumstances that previously you may have viewed as unfortunate. Everything that happens can be a blessing and an opportunity to learn and grow, to deepen your relationship with yourself and others, or to expand your ability to serve and be served. To live this way, you will need to be vigilant, to stay on the look out for any limiting thoughts that make you see life as a burden to be endured.
History is full of heroes and heroines who have seen possibilities where others saw only failure and loss. Mother Theresa saw opportunities for love and service where others fled disease and poverty, Abraham Lincoln saw freedom and unity in the face of division, and Nelson Mandela saw hope for the future of democracy even while in prison.
And you have the possibility for that attitude every day, right in front of you. For example, if your boss comes in and says you have a new project and you need to do a, b, c, d, and e by 4:00 pm the following day, how do you respond? Is your reaction, “Wow, what a creative challenge and opportunity. What would it take for me to do this thing that feels impossible?” Likely those aren’t the first thoughts that pop into your mind. Of course, you’ll have a range of feelings and reactions in situations like that, but what if you chose an attitude of opportunity? What if you take the energy of your fear and anger and direct it to solving the problem? What if you chose to shift your attitude and take on the challenge? What would your next 24 hours look like?
 –The One Decision

The World is Your Playground

As children we’re all open to adventure and experience. Children display seemingly limitless energy and enthusiasm for new activities. This is because each day provides new discoveries, lessons, and opportunities to explore. They’re constantly making new connections. Growing requires energy but growing also GIVES us energy.

But exploration and adventure certainly aren’t limited to childhood. As adults we can rediscover our aliveness, energy, and flow simply by looking for chances to learn and shifting our approach to challenges.

This calls to mind a friend of mine, Ellen, in her late fifties. I ran into her and as we were catching up, I asked how she and her husband, Jack were doing.

She reported, “His knees crack when he get up, his back is aching, and his stamina isn’t what it was.” I was expecting her to continue a long litany of complaints, when her broad smile revealed her wrinkles and wiping the dampness of her forehead from her hot flash, she proclaimed, “Old age! This is an adventure we haven’t done yet! I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like. I can’t wait to see what he’s like as an old man. Another part of him for me to love.” Now THAT is an attitude of adventure!

You see, we can play, grow, and experience more aliveness at any age. From two to 102, life still provides us for more experience, chances for discovery, and new connections. Parents may find themselves bogged down with the stress of raising little kids. You may feel like your life is a series of tissues, diaper changes, errands, and scheduling. Or perhaps you’re in the throes of your career, neither feeling like you’re moving forward or getting ahead. Maybe you’re a senior, who feels like your best years are behind you (they’re not!).

But if you have the gift of children in your life, be it your own kids, friends, nieces, nephews, or grandkids, embrace the example they provide!

Observe the way kids tackle new challenges. They’re constantly experimenting—tasting, touching, listening, looking…they’re finding what works and figuring out what doesn’t. Kids have an amazing imagination and creativity. Each approach is new. Each problem presented requires a journey down an unforged path. Every moment is exciting. Life is a playground—and as we get older, we can keep right on playing!

A simple shift in our mindset—to embrace life as a great adventure full of discovery and opportunity—can change our energy.

Instead of feeling tired, worn down, exhausted, and stuck in a rut, imagine feeling awake, alive, excited, turned on, and engaged?!

Imagine viewing your rest as an opportunity to recharge your batteries, relax, nourish yourself, and feel more vibrant once you’re finished. Imagine viewing your work day as a chance for new discoveries, to find a more efficient approach to a task, to work toward your company’s vision, and connect with clients and coworkers? Imagine your weekends filled with discoveries, adventures, chances to appreciate and connect with your loved ones, and opportunities to care for and nurture yourself?

Embracing an attitude of adventure and exploration opens us to a world of possibility! So if you’re ready for your life quest, start today! If you want more energy, become more curious about your world, extract the lesson from each experience, attempt something new.

Live a life of more—more aliveness, more energy, and greater purpose! It’s waiting for you!

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