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Reinvent yourself and your career. Earn a graduate degree or certificate in Transformational Leadership and Coaching, or certificate in Social or Emotional Intelligence at Wright Graduate University, a division of the Foundation.


Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership and Coaching

Designed to prepare professional coaches, this program enhances the coaching and leadership skills of those currently in careers, or develops other adult and mid-career students as scholar practitioners to bring out the best in themselves and those they lead and/or coach.

 – Program Length: 27 months.
 – Online coursework and residential session hybrid program.
 – Prerequisite for admission to the Ed.D. program.

Doctor of Education in Transformational Leadership and Coaching (EdD)

Our doctoral program prepares graduates to apply their advanced scholar practitioner skills as leaders in a wide range of fields including coaching, education, business, training, and human services.

 – 66 month completion time, depending on dissertation process.
 – Regular mentoring sessions.
 – Curriculum designed for your life and your career.


Graduate Certificate in Transformational Leadership

Wright’s Transformational Leadership certificate program helps create transformational leaders who can empower and develop themselves, their followers and their organizations. You will gain a broad academic foundation for learning that weaves together skill development with theory, research, and emerging methodologies for advancing human potential.

 – Completion time of 12 months (13 credits).
 – Hybrid program with both online and residential on-campus coursework.
 – One-on-one mentoring sessions with faculty. 

Graduate Certificate in Emotional Intelligence for Leadership and Coaching

Emotional intelligence is not only a recognized factor in successful leadership, coaching, training, and teaming, but it is also a key aspect of executive success. Learn how to lead, coach, train, and team more effectively by increasing your emotional intelligence. Through this certificate program you become more potent at work, in your community leadership, and in your interpersonal relationships.

 – Completion time of 6 months (13 credits).
 – Hybrid program with both online and residential on-campus coursework.
– One-on-one mentoring sessions with faculty.

Graduate Certificate in Social Intelligence for Leadership & Coaching

Social intelligence is fundamental to the ability to influence others, get work done, and succeed as a transformational leader and coach. This program will teach you the essential skills in understanding how to motivate others, how groups function, how blocks and limiting beliefs inhibit effectiveness, how authentic personal power can manifest, and the way people function in relation to authority.

 – Completion time of 6 months (13 credits).
 – Hybrid program with both online and residential on-campus coursework.
– One-on-one mentoring sessions with faculty.

Graduate Certificate Program in Transformational Coaching

Coaching is not only a satisfying profession. It is a key skill for transformational leadership. This unique program introduces students to the revolutionary Wright Model of Transformational Coaching, which is dedicated to helping you achieve your full potential and reach possibilities beyond what you ever thought was possible.

 – Completion time of 12 months (19 credits).
 – In-depth coaching experience through weekly laboratory with real clients and faculty supervision.
 – Hybrid program with both online and residential on-campus coursework.

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  • I. Earn academic credit for transforming the quality of your life through performative education.
  • II. Apply your leadership and coaching skills immediately to your career.
  • III. Develop the skills that account for 85% of star performers' career success*
  • *Daniel Goleman, Harvard Business Review, Nov/Dec 1998

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John Davidoff

John Davidoff


John is a strategy and marketing consultant to non-profits, philanthropic organizations, municipal organizations, and businesses. Clients now tell John that they feel better heard by his firm than any other consulting company they’ve worked with, and that his team goes to a depth with them that others do not. “Wright’s Performative Model taught me how much I love learning and how skilled I actually am.”

Monica Staco, MA, MEd


Since joining WGU, Monica has gotten two different jobs that marked progressions in her career. She was recently recruited to be a senior manager at a consulting firm where her main role is to empower her managers and the executive team. She is using her work in graduate school to increase the efficiency of the team and get innovative ideas to serve clients best.

Dr. Karen Terry


As a doctoral student she dedicated her research to better understanding, codifying, and advancing Wright’s unique advanced coaching methodology.  Karen earned a Bachelor of General Studies degree from the University of Michigan and a Master of Arts from Northwestern University.

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