Transformation Lab

Our advanced, in-depth program gives you all you need to bring it all together & discover in-depth knowledge that’s actually relevant to your life, growth, and the discovery of your true potential.

Let’s do this…together.
It’s time to explore our Advanced Transformation Lab curriculum, in which you’ll delve much deeper into two key components of the 6 Phase Developmental Model by which humans learn, grow, and develop. You’ll explore so much more of your inner you while working through your uncertainties in a safe and supportive small group environment.

With new research and methodology added every quarter, this program uses both historic and cutting-edge research to bring you the best of neuroscience, positive psychology, behavioral economics, and education. Our enthusiastic leadership team has a clear and deep understanding of how successful individuals create lasting positive change in their lives.

Unleash your deepest hidden potential.

For all Transformation Labs*: Foundations Weekend Training and
Year of Transformation.

*Transformation Lab is our advanced program. If you’re just getting started, please visit our Foundations Weekend Training page to learn all about our introduction to the Year of Transformation program.

What You’ll Get :
Each Transformation Lab includes :
  • Weekly 2½-hour evening meetings.
  • 3 weekend trainings per year.
  • Biweekly 45-minute coaching sessions.
  • Participation in a team project once per year.
  • Weekly online written check-ins demonstrating what you learn and how you grow.
  • The Transformation Lab can also be used to satisfy the experiential component of your Wright Graduate University doctoral program. Your level of continued & sustained transformation is all up to you.

For pricing information, registration, or any other questions, please contact Wright via email or give us a call.

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Foundations Weekend Training

Our signature leadership development and social and emotional intelligence training

Year of Transformation

Our signature year-long program for self-development and growth

Personal Empowerment Training

Develop communication skills that lead to intentional speaking and listening

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