jennifer | October 31, 2022

The Best of Both: Leading the Foundation into the New Frontier of Hybrid Training



The Wright Foundation completed its FIRST hybrid leadership training with this year’s Leadership Intensive Training. Both in-person and online students experienced a sense of wholeness and completeness through the curriculum and guidance.

Hybrid technology heightened the learning for both groups, bringing together leaders and students from many places. The growth and working teams featured in-person only, online-only, and hybrid teams. From the first day to the last, the cohesiveness and connection of the teams grew.

After two years of pandemic learning, many in-person students were able to see the campus for the first time! With the support of Senior Foundation leaders, in-person students could experience the benefits of being in the same room and sleeping on the land.

To get a sense of the technology and how it enhanced the in-person and online experiences, close your eyes and picture the Art Silver Center at the Wisconsin campus. Four cameras plus a Zoom camera set up in the room enabled the media director to select a view of the live training room for the online audience.

To get a sense of how the Zoom squares looked to the in-person audience, think of your Zoom square on a screen made up of nine 5-foot by 4-foot screens set up three high by three wide. That’s about the size of a typical SUV mounted on a stand! On the live audience’s left, a monster multiplex screen showed the online participants in gallery view.

The Wisconsin crew worked in sync with the Chicago media crew, which played videos and displayed presentations on cue for both the in-person and online audiences. Presenters in other cities took front-and-center on all screens as needed. When training Producer Kate Holmquest Sudarsan and Task Lynette Morris took over, they displayed larger than life on the in-person matrix monitor and in speaker view for the online audience. The media staff cued them in from Kate’s home in Florida and Lynette’s base at the Chicago campus.

To make this hybrid training work, and work seamlessly, the Foundation expanded its media and technology crew in April and May. Jay Hannah, Head of Educational Media Production, joined new media and IT staffers, Terry Lenihan, Caitlin Myers, and Seth Gordon. Jay handled most of the day-to-day live direction, working from the Wisconsin campus with the Chicago media team.

Kudos to Dr. Phil Blue, the Foundation’s head of operations, for leading the effort! We are also grateful to Foundation donors, who helped make possible the new staffing and equipment that created new ways to reach more students around the globe with a high-impact training experience.