Dr. Bob Wright | February 27, 2014

A Student’s Example of ENGAGING

Hello Alive Tribe,

I awoke to a wonderful example of engagement…

as a tool of transformation this morning, day 27. Rumaisa wrote the following Facebook to Judith and me. You can see how she is engaging in reading the daily quote from yesterday as well as engaging with Judith and me as she writes. Remember to engage where it is vulnerable and will bring out your best and lead to transformation. Notice the vulnerability and risk that kept her in the moment—and how she is becoming more of her own person as she allows others in—exactly the opposite of how most people think.

Thank you, Rumaisa for the great example of engaging:

 Hello Judith! Hello Bob!

I wanted to share something really cool with you both…

Today I did something completely opposite of my matrix. After reading Wednesday’s Transformation Quote: “We are prepared for insults, but compliments leave us baffled.” I decided to post this on my FB wall. Below the Wright Quote I typed… “Ok friends… Bring on the Compliments… I am ready for you”!

I allowed friends, family and allies to see a vulnerable authentic Ru. Historically I am the one who gives and never would allow myself to fully receive. “I don’t want to show off”. “What are ppl going to think”? “They’re just being polite”. Well today I was completely in the moment. My heart rate pulsating due to an intensified feeling of fear… I allowed ppl to shower me with compliments…. and my test… Was to say “thank you”, and to truly receive the compliment and soak it in. This decision ended up being such a beautiful and emotional day for me. I have so much love and kindness and genuine warmth in me, that I have been giving this to everyone but myself! Today I was direct, and I asked for what I wanted with intent. that intent… To receive compliments, and not allow myself to go to my Mistaken Belief of “I do not matter”, “I’m not seen”, “I’m not heard, I’m not Respected”. I definitely felt a lot of fear and ALIVENESS in the moment of posting, and I am so proud of myself for going through with it. This is The same feeling which I am having right now as I type this message out to you. My ST pops up: “I don’t want to bug you”, “this is a long ass email”, “get to the point RU”. “Am I making sense right now “?

Old matrix, shut up! I’m going for it!!! In conclusion, I came to the following AHA Moment: I want my friends, allies and family to be open with their affection towards me! Not secretive… (Historical behavior). I first and foremost am treating myself the way I want to be treated. Historically, I would cater myself to towards the other persons liking. Behaving in a way I “thought” they wanted me to behave. I would let others lead the way. I am proud of the woman and leader I am, and if someone cannot handle my Open-ness and Kindness, then they can figure it out. I am who I am!

After reading the comments on my FB wall, I felt so deeply touched.

I spoke to little Ru telling her how special she is. What a gift she is. It was a really tender moment.

I’ve been high five”ing” and hugging little Ru all day. I’m feeling the shift!

By George I think I Get it!!!


With love and gratitude,



Warm Regards,



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