2017 Pilgrimage to Vietnam and Laos

There is a reason you’re here. Find it and live it! Get ready for unforgettable experience focused on deep, personal discovery & development.

Imagine a deeply personal, soul-searching exploration combined with a fantastic trip to an exotic land, a deep immersion in another culture and faith, a personal growth trip on the road, a great team-building experience, and a mind-blowing experience…and you might come close to understanding the deep, fun, wild, raucous adventure that sacred travel with Wright can be.

From Burma to Arizona, Nepal to Israel, Italy to India, Mexico to California, people on our trips go far and wide to experience various cultures.

Start working for the tomorrow you always wished for.

This year’s pilgrimage will take place in Vietnam and Laos from November 24th to December 3rd, 2017.
For more information, please contact Gertrude Lyons at gertrude@wrightgrad.edu.


Pricing (The price will include meals and lodging) :

  • $6295 if signed up by July 1
  • $6495 regular price
  • Deposit required

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