Creative Conflict

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Learn to use the Rules of Engagement to move your career forward

Conflict exists in each and every moment of each and every day. We are constantly pulled between various choices or people or opinions or decisions. Because we haven’t learned how to really use and leverage conflict, many of us choose to avoid conflict. But what if you could understand your conflict style as well as the conflict style of others to get better aligned? What if you could learn some ground rules to help you to leverage conflict to be closer to others, to team and partner better, and to be overall more successful in your relationships at work and at home?

In our social and emotional intelligence workshop and learn how to:

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Beryl Stromsta, MSW, MA


Beryl is a Senior Coach at Wright. She serves as a group facilitator on many of Wright’s weekend trainings and coaches individual clients and students in both our introductory and advanced personal growth groups.

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Jillian Eichel, MA, MEd, PCC


Jillian is the Program Director, Director of Coaching & a Senior Coach at Wright. She trains Wright’s coaches & program leaders, leads several weekend trainings & oversees student services. She is responsible for developing the current Coaching curriculum.

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