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Wright Foundation speakers want to bring their wealth of knowledge to you. Ranging from social and emotional intelligence training, to leadership development, career and entrepreneurial coaching, personality profiles, personal development, and more – our speakers are dedicated to joining you in the journey to bring out your best self.

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Dr. Judith Wright

Dr. Judith Wright


She's "one of the world's ultimate experts," according to Women's World Magazine. Meet Dr. Judith Wright: sought-after nationwide inspirational speaker, best-selling author and lifestyles expert.

Dr. Bob Wright


Dr. Bob Wright is an internationally recognized author, speaker & visionary known for his witticisms. He co-founded The Wright Foundation to teach people to develop their vision and unlock their full potential.

Mike Zwell, Ph.D., PCC


Dr. Zwell is a leading expert in competencies, developmental corporate cultures, leadership development, and executive coaching.


Dr. Gordon Medlock

Faculty, Coach, Director of Doctoral Research

Dr. Gordon Medlock, PCC, has over 25 years of practice and research experience in the fields of coaching and learning psychology and human capital management consulting. He specializes in career and life coaching and mentors doctoral students in becoming accomplished scholar-practitioners. He also leads small-group transformation labs and trainings with a focus on facilitating social-emotional learning.

Jillian Eichel, MA, MEd, PCC

Director of Coaching

In addition to being the Director of Coaching, Jillian oversees most of Wright’s programs and attends to students' success in the courses at the Wright Foundation. She trains Wright’s coaches & program leaders, leads several weekend trainings & coaches individuals in all life areas.

Beryl Stromsta, MSW,MA

Senior Coach and Group Facilitator

Beryl serves as a group facilitator on many of Wright’s Foundation weekend trainings.

Gertrude Lyons

Dr. Gertrude Lyons, EdD, MA, PCC

Senior Coach, WGU Faculty, Director of Mothering Program

Dr. Lyons is a leading-edge trainer and educator in human emergence, lifestyle, parenting, leadership development, relationship satisfaction and success, and women’s development. With over 20 years of experience, her work inspires people to bring out their best selves by guiding them to realize meaningful, successful lives to bring new perspectives and foster personal transformation.

Kate Holmquest, MA


Kate serves as Campus Director for the Wright Graduate University and provides support to the Wright Foundation’s non-credit programs as a coach and curriculum developer.

Geroge Miller

George Miller

Coach & Career Program Manager

George Miller is a speaker, coach, and career lab program manager. He also leads small groups in the Year of MORE and MORE Life Training.

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