Dr. Judith Wright | August 23, 2013

School: It’s Not
Just For Kids

After a long, hot summer, when the end of August rolls around, there is a sense of excitement and change. I don’t know about you, but I get that “back to school” feeling at this time of year—hungry to start a “new year,” move on to a new grade level, get new books, have a fresh start, even buy new school clothes!

We never need to stop learning and growing and this season is a good time to take a next step whether for personal or professional growth.

The Time is Now

What have you always wanted to learn about or to do? Maybe it’s to speak another language, get a degree or an advanced degree, learn a new skill, get that certification for your next career step, stretch yourself personally, or learn better relationship skills. Whatever it is, this is the time to make it happen!

Plenty of adults are going “back to school” whether they are finishing an education they left behind or gaining new skills and developing credentials that will serve them as they step out on a new path. Taking new courses or making time for additional education can be challenging—juggling an already full schedule that often involves working full-time or supporting a family. And choosing to commit to furthering your education is also hugely exciting, whether it’s the pure desire to learn or the emotional excitement of changing careers.

Get Support

Getting the support you need to succeed is critical but can be a daunting process in itself. I know this from personal experience because my husband Bob and I worked on our doctorates at the same time as we were growing Wright. Before we started, we had no idea how we would find the time, but we did know that following that goal was the best way to accomplish what we were up to in life.

That time period stretched us in ways unimaginable to us before we started. The road was not easy, but what made it sustainable was the inspiration and encouragement of the other students who joined us on the path. Connecting with a community of adults who were going back to school—and doing it differently the second time around, with bigger motivations and missions—brought energy to our lives as we conquered the challenges of being a student again.

Graduation is Just the Beginning

We never graduate from the need and desire to learn and grow. We know that the quality of our lives increase when we are continuously learning and growing. Maybe it’s time you went “back to school”—pursuing an unfinished degree, getting the training you need to advance in your job, or developing the social and emotional intelligence skills to live a bigger, more satisfying life!

This week, take one step forward on doing something you have always thought about doing. It may mean researching classes, asking a mentor to help you learn a new skill, or submitting an application to school. Don’t let where you are be the end to your education. There’s never an end to what’s possible for you and your adventurous spirit!

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Dr. Judith Wright is a media favorite, sought-after inspirational speaker, respected leader, peerless educator, bestselling author, & world-class coach. She is a co-founder of Wright and the Wright Graduate University.

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