Sales Program

The Wright Sales Program is a hands-on, experiential program that provides sales professionals with an opportunity to boost their sales performance.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a sales manager at a large company, Wright’s Sales Program will help you build the skills you need to be your best, develop the vision and confidence you want and reap the personal and professional rewards you desire – all through the application of social and emotional intelligence to your selling techniques.

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What You Will Learn :
When does the Sales Program Meet :

The Wright Sales Program has three main components: bi-monthly group meetings, webinars, and individual coaching sessions. In your group meetings, you’ll talk about your progress and receive support from your group members.
The weekly webinars will cover sales techniques and skills, and you’ll receive assignments to practice those skills. You’ll also receive one hour of individual sales coaching per month.

For program dates, pricing, and more information, contact the Wright team.

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