Job Openings

Non-Profit Sales & Enrollment Representative

Put your people skills, results-focus, and project organization to work for this fast-paced, big-hearted, mission-oriented, non-profit education and training organization.

Part-Time Enrollment and Sales Representative reports to Sales manager in this dynamic environment. Support a team of driven, self-starters who like to get a lot done but who also feels a deep desire to contribute significantly to others.

Additional graduate training available along with required and optional personal development opportunities. Be in charge of everything from the mundane to the transformational.



Your success is import to us! To ensure you succeed in our fast-paced environment, we ask that you complete three tests: one aptitude test (language, math, and logic), one personality test, a brief typing test and submission of your resume.

You will need a computer workstation with Internet access, a pen, and some scratch paper. Some assessments are timed, so make sure you have arranged to be distraction-free. Tests take approximately 45 minutes to complete in one sitting.

When you are ready, please visit: