Dr. Judith Wright | April 12, 2013

Get Out of That Rut and Into the Life You Want :
5 Tips to Overcoming Your Soft Addictions

Are you eating too much? Watching too much TV? Procrastinating or over-shopping? Does the economic down turn have you turning to your bad habits, or soft addictions, more than you would like?

We all have soft addictions—seemingly harmless habits that rob us of time, money, energy, and the happiness we long for. But a bigger life is possible for each of us—one that is fulfilling, meaningful, supportive, exciting, and real—a great life. Use these tips, which we go into detail on The Soft Addictions Weekend, to take the first step towards breaking through your old habits and creating the life of your dreams, a life filled with more health, more energy, more time, and even more money!

1. Tell yourself the truth about your soft addictions.

Most of us minimize, hide, or deceive ourselves about our bad habits. But you’re going to have to be truthful if you expect to set yourself free. What are your soft addictions? Overeating, oversleeping, too much Internet, or gossiping? Write them down. Be honest with yourself.

2. Get support.

If you want to eat healthier, or let go of a habit you’ve had, let people know. You’ll be surprised how much support you receive when you ask for help.

3. What are you feeling?

Many people turned to snacks or distractions when they are having feelings—like being sad or upset. When you think the only thing that will make you feel better is a chocolate chip cookie, stop and think about how you are feeling. Are you angry, sad, afraid, or hurt? Tell someone how you are feeling.

4. Celebrate success.

Maybe you ate two donuts this week instead of three. Maybe you exercised once after avoiding the gym for six months. Celebrate it! One of the most powerful tools for successful change is celebrating success in any fashion. Don’t beat yourself up because your accomplishment feels small; celebrate your success, no matter how small it seems.

5. Learn the skills you need.

There is no quick fix for a meaningful, fulfilling, healthy life. But you can learn the skills you need.

Interested in overcoming your soft addictions? Join us on our Soft Addictions Weekend. Learn more here! Or, you can buy Dr. Judith Wright’s best-selling book on Soft Addictions on Amazon.com.

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