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Robust Relationships: Foundations of Social Intelligence

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Forge deep, lasting relationships—both personal and professional. You’ll learn how greater interpersonal connection can bring you infinite satisfaction and success. In this quarter, you’ll learn how experiences from early childhood shape your thoughts and actions as an adult, and let go of patterns of behavior that no longer serve you.

Areas of Focus for the Robust Relationships Quarter

Areas of focus are the themes you will explore in Robust Relationships quarter. The quarter is divided into three sections, each one month long, and each month you’ll take a closer look at  the different components of Robust Relationships. 

Month 1:
Identify the Invisible Chain: This month helps you understand how your thought and behavior patterns were formed and how they influence your life. You’ll confront the rules, myths, and beliefs of your family in all the areas of your life, in order to break free from patterns of behavior that have limited you in the past. You will further uncover your beliefs about the opposite sex and how that has determined how you have chosen (or not chosen) intimate relationships.

Month 2:
Growing Yourself Up: Tending to Your Unfinished Developmental Business:
This month builds on the growing awareness of the truth about your relationships. By discovering your withheld feelings and truths from your childhood and past relationships, you will be able to move toward more intimacy in the relationships that matter to you today.

Month 3:
Full Expression:
During the third month, you’ll learn how expressing your feelings unlocks three key elements of meaningful relationships—flow, aliveness, and truth. Through complete emotional honesty with yourself and others, you will be able to strengthen your relationships, share your genuine self, and become a bigger contribution to the world.

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