Year of More

Purposeful Living and Leadership Quarter


Learn to enjoy every mo­ment of your life by exploring your purpose and learning to recognize and orient to your own principles. You’ll explore your own beliefs about leadership and discover new tools you can use to bring meaning and pur­pose into your life.

Areas of Focus for the Purposeful Living and Leadership Quarter

Areas of focus are the themes you will explore in the Purposeful Living and Leadership Quarter. The quarter is divided into three sections, each one month long, and each month you’ll take a closer look at a different component of Purposeful Living and Leadership.

Month 1
Live Principles of Purpose: This month will introduce the keys to purposeful living–living by your principles and values. You will experiment with orienting to different principles like truth, aliveness, and play. You’ll learn what a “One Decision” is, and how it can guide you in every moment towards satisfaction and meaning.

Month 2
Conscious and Purposeful Living: This month invites you to uncover your mistaken beliefs and take ownership of your unique gifts and talents. You’ll unearth the beliefs that serve as the foundation of your life, and determine which ones serve you and which ones you can leave behind. 

Month 3
Live and Lead Consciously: This month teaches more fully about the One Decision, a powerful tool that can help you live towards your vision, support you in refining your new beliefs, and live your life aligning with your values. You will develop strategies for how you will live the following year, create meaningful spiritual practices, and enjoy living your life as an adventure.  

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