Spiritual Pilgrimage 2021

Visit the mystics of major world religions throughout time in literature, philosophy, practice, and theology.

Mysticism is the practice of seeking direct and immediate contact with the divine. Meet the mystics, learn from them, and transcend the world of everyday life as you are inspired by their devotion and commitment.

Engage in their practices from Jewish davening at the wall to Sufi twirling and Zikr. Breathe the breath of fire with the American Sikhs to chanting kirtan with traditional Indian Sikhs. Chant and pray with the Hindu and Buddhist masters as you expand your vision as a householding urban monk.

Live by the Franciscan rule for a day and pray with Hildegard von Bingen and so many others.

Delight in the celebration of and journey to the divine with your fellow pilgrims guided by Drs. Judith and Bob Wright.

Not sure where to start? No problem. We'd love to help.