Our Team

Mike Novak

Along with a 40 year career as a railroad engineer, Mike has been on a lifelong journey of personal growth work and dedication to using his skills toward human development. In 1981 his mind was blown at the EST training (now the Landmark Forum), and ever since then he has either been in, or led groups focusing on human emergence, career development, and parenting. He leads a Transformation Lab and coaches students of the Wright Foundation’s various programs. Mike’s commitment to developing his potential led him to enroll at age 60 at Northeastern Illinois University and complete his Bachelor of Arts degree while taking courses at Wright Graduate University toward his coaching certificate. Mike has vast experience working on the railroad and farms, and can troubleshoot all things mechanical from cars, to air conditioners, and locomotives. This experience translates into an ability to help clients apply assignments to areas of their life in a grounded and practical way, and his clients appreciate his accurate and insightful feedback.