Our Team

James Fixx

James Fixx is a musician and audio engineer who joined the Foundation as an A/V Intern in fall 2018. Since then, he’s expanded into his role as a well-rounded media producer and director of the department, working behind the cameras and soundboard for events, heading up the audiovisual design of the Foundation’s new training space and video production studio, and working to bring our content online in new and engaging ways. He also coordinates most of the logistical goings-on within the media department, from making sure groups have the equipment they need to orchestrating a growing team of media staff to get projects done.

In his free time, he likes to go for walks on the beaches of Rogers Park, spend time with his wife, produce original music and work as a live sound and recording engineer. He is a passionate musician, having performed in 10 US states and South Africa as part of the Hope College Chapel Choir and served as student director of the men’s a capella group. He is a composer and arranger, with over an hour’s worth of original music under the alias scarpainting. As a recording engineer, James has recorded rock bands, pop singers, jazz ensembles, folk ensembles, full orchestras, and more.