Our Team

Dr. Phil Blue

Dr. Philip Blue is a coach the at Wright Foundation and Professor of Applied Neuroscience at Wright Graduate University. He completed his PhD in cognitive neuroscience at China’s top university, Peking University, after attending Carleton College and conducting neuroscience research at the University of Chicago. For his doctoral work in social neuroscience, Dr. Blue was acknowledged as the Peking University’s Student of the Year in 2015 and achieved back-to-back awards for being among the top foreign researchers in China by China’s Ministry of Education.

Dr. Blue strongly believes that psychologists should attempt to understand humanity as a whole. In pursuit of fulfilling this principle, he became fluent in Spanish and Chinese so that he could study the local culture from a psychological and anthropological perspective. Whether it was completing the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage in Spain, learning from medicinal practitioners in the Amazon, being a part-time waiter while auditing psychology courses at la Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina, living in a Daoist temple, studying Chinese literature (and kung fu), or celebrating the Spring Festival in small villages in China, Dr. Blue has fully immersed himself in humanity over the past 10 years.

At Wright Graduate University, Dr. Blue applies his knowledge of cognitive neuroscience to WGU’s state-of-the-art transformational leadership and coaching curriculum. He also coaches individuals and co-leads a team of participants in the Year of Transformation, a year-long program for people who are dedicated to transforming themselves through daily life assignments that challenge them to step outside normal ways of being get more out of themselves and their lives.