Our Team

Anna Bradsher

Anna is a part of the enrollment team and is dedicate to the Wright Foundation’s 195-year vision for conscious, sustainable living on the planet. She is dedicated to helping others realize their full potential by developing themselves personally and advancing their career. She is currently a student of Wright Graduate University and the Year of Transformation. She is attaining her master’s degree of Transformational Leadership & Coaching.
Since childhood Anna made it her mission to make a difference. Her God-given faith and hope for humanity has propelled her to show love to all. Whether it was in college where she spent her time with hippies, anarchists, and homeless people, when she worked as a house mom at a boarding school for troubled teens, when she taught English in China and mentored international college students, and, most recently, worked in a lower income CPS elementary teaching social-emotional learning using games and activities. Anna is now working at the Wright Foundation because she intends to use her time there fighting for social justice, equitability, and racial reconciliation.