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Nourishment & Self Care Quarter

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Nourishment and Self Care is the foundation for a life of more satisfaction and fulfillment. In this quarter, you’ll not only learn what true nourishment and self-care looks like, but you’ll also take advantage of our proven emotional intelligence curriculum as you learn to identify, honor, and responsibly express your feelings.

Areas of Focus

Areas of focus are the themes you will explore in the Nourishment and Self Care quarter. The quarter divides into three sections, each one month long. Each month you’ll take a closer look at the different components of Nourishment and Self Care.  

Month 1:
More Fulfillment and Happiness:
The weekly assignments this month will help you identify where you have been engaging in drama that keeps you from being the author of your own life. You will further explore the nature of your emotions, and discover how to boost your satisfaction in life by fully feeling and expressing your emotions. 

Month 2:
Learning to Express Yearning:
This month will teach you to un­cover your feelings and begin to express the range of emotions that continually reside within us. You’ll continue the journey of self-care and nourishment through a deepening relationship with your emotions, learning to use them to make a positive difference in your life. You will learn the skills to move away from things that cause you pain and to move toward things that bring you pleasure.

Month 3:
Engage in Life:
The assignments this month encourage you to experiment with the expression of feelings through play as well as learning to garner positive attention and affirmation for yourself. This month, you will push your boundaries by making mistakes, celebrating your imperfections, shaking up the status quo–and having fun doing it!

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