Dr. Judith Wright | May 2, 2017

Dr. Judith Wright Receives
the Chicago Visionary Leader
Award from NAWBO

Yesterday, Dr. Judith Wright, co-founder of the Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential, had the privilege of receiving the NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Chicago Visionary Leader Award.

Check out her moving acceptance speech here…

Judith Wright


“I come from a long line of women business owners…My great-grandmother, my grandmother, and my mother…courageous women at a time when it was rare that women worked outside their homes.

My mother was a businesswoman who earned her master’s while raising her four daughters. She created a national women’s sorority of women supporting women (since NAWBO wasn’t created yet), was named a Kentucky Colonel, and had a name-day in our city recognizing her support of the community.

I grew up in a factory town where ultimate success was working at the plant for GM. There were few positive models of success and satisfaction, especially for women.

Thanks to the vision of my mother, I learned to dream big for myself and to support women to have – and live – big dreams. Which not only benefits individual women, but businesses, and the bottom line, and…our world.

Our world is clearly out of balance. We have undervalued the feminine, while overvaluing the masculine—creating a lack of harmony and wholeness that we and our planet desperately need.

I believe it is the role of women to step up and create this harmony.

Women and businesses that honor the feminine…are the great hope of our planet.

I envision feminine power generating possibilities beyond our current imagining—
as we women own our unique gifts—unabashedly sharing them at work, in families, and communities— as we make a place for everyone—celebrating the feminine value of inclusion—creating a world that works for all.

A world of mutuality, respect, and universal empowerment, in partnership between the sexes in all its forms, generating immense creativity, where we honor and bring out the best in each individual, relationship, family, company, business, or community.

It is to that end that we started the Wright Foundation for Realization of Human Potential and the WGU, our accredited university (offering Masters and Doctorates in Transformational Leadership and Coaching), as well as SOFIA, the Society of Femininity in Action. And why I am honored to partner with our sisters at NAWBO and receive the Visionary Award.

I accept it in honor of the feminine power being unleashed in the world.

Thank you to NAWBO for carrying this torch….” -Dr. Judith Wright

About The Author

Dr. Judith Wright is a media favorite, sought-after inspirational speaker, respected leader, peerless educator, bestselling author, & world-class coach. She is a co-founder of Wright and the Wright Graduate University.

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The Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential is a leadership institute located in Chicago, Illinois. Wright Foundation performative learning programs are integrated into the curriculum at Wright Graduate University.