Men's Basic Leadership Training

Our changing world needs personal and potent leadership. The power to lead in life… Wherever you are… Whoever you are

A New Model of Manhood – Thriving in a New Normal: What does it mean to be a man in today’s world? With so much change and challenge in our world today, men are looking for ways to thrive in their careers, families and communities while bringing more solutions to our world.

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*Scrums: These are small group meetings that convene every three weeks. Designed to integrate and deepen the education gained from Basic 1 and Basic 2, these meetings will feature two senior leaders of Wright Foundation’s Men’s Guild as well as several men who participated in Basic 1

**Quarterly Meetings: These are Men’s Guild-wide meetings that convene quarterly. Designed to bring the entire Guild together across the globe, these meetings will feature exciting content, camaraderie with Men of the Guild, and a resurgence of the Men’s Guild protocols.


For more information, contact George Donald Miller at george@wrightliving.com

The Men’s Basic Training is sponsored and led by the Wright Men’s Guild, a men’s group formed by the Wright Foundation. Comprised of men from many different backgrounds and careers, the Men’s Guild has grown over 25 years with active members from the Chicagoland area to overseas. The Wright Men’s Guild teaches men to integrate their emotions at a deeper level so they can expand their impact in both their personal and professional lives.

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