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Marketing Manager

Wright Foundation for the Realization for Human Potential

Meaning, training, and a great career springboard for top marketing leader and motivated high performer…

Marketing Manager for a mission-oriented, non-profit education and training organization. Manage and oversee digital marketing, online product development, social media, communications, lead generation, website content development, A/V media, and consultant relationship management. Be in charge of everything from the mundane to the transformational.

If you are a brilliant, pragmatic, fast-working, juggler and great communicator who can take and use feedback, then this high-intensity group of collegial teammates may be the place for you.

What You’ll Do:

* Developing online courses and curriculum using existing digital medium.

* Designing, building, and tracking the analytics for lead generation campaigns

* Overseeing email communications that are geared towards growing and building the database, student relationships, and revenue generation

* Overseeing social media channels for integrated marketing messaging and branding

* Partnering with external design resources to leverage our brand and create attractive materials

* Generating a referral network for new clients that leverages the existing student and client population

* Overseeing media and A/V resources to leverage digital assets and content

* Managing interns and internal staff to drive marketing projects to completion

* Interfacing with various business units to ensure the programs and initiatives are completed within time and budget requirements

* Taking project management responsibility on overall foundation marketing projects. Examples include book proposal development, book content, and author materials required for book marketing; and development of educational, inspirational, and inspiring videos and products

* Other duties as necessary

Who You Are:

* Independently own the marketing outcomes of the company

* Drive outcomes quickly and with great attention to detail

* Have an analytical mind for testing, adjusting, and relaunching campaigns

* Have an eye for aesthetic quality

* Coachable

* Flexible

* Tenacious


Who We Are: The Wright Foundation is a mission-based non-profit organization dedicated to learning, growing and the realization of human potential. We are a training and leadership organization that offers trainings, events, and programs dedicated to bringing out the best in the individual. Wright is a high-velocity, high-learning environment. Employees have many opportunities for professional growth and learning. We are looking for a team player who is ready to put in time, energy, and dedication into their work. The office is in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago, IL.

Our Mission Statement: Our purpose is to live authentic, radiant lives, and to support others to unleash their potential by consciously engaging in their own transformation and leadership, for the advancement of humanity and sustainable living on the planet.

What You Get: With our innovative team empowerment structure, you can expect to learn to hone your talents and time-management skills to where you are performing at a level you never thought you could achieve. We offer access to trainings, room for advancement, and lots of fulfillment. If you are committed to excellence, fulfilling your potential, and engaging fully in the adventure of life, join our team!

How to Apply: In an effort to set up prospective employees to succeed in our fast-paced environment, we ask that you complete three tests: one aptitude test (language, math, and logic), one personality test, and a very brief typing test. The system also asks that you upload a resume. You will need a quiet computer workstation with internet access, a pen, and some scratch paper. Some assessments are timed, so make sure you have arranged to be distraction-free.

You will need approximately 45 minutes to complete the tests, which must be done in one sitting.

When you are ready, please visit https://www.ondemandassessment.com/link/index/JB-7B06B5395 You’ll be given instructions to create your profile and begin the testing. Testing must be completed for interview to be scheduled

*Must have a college degree

*Must have a typing speed of above 60 wpm