Wright Team | November 5, 2013

Make Mistakes to Advance Your Life Project

People who transform, get the most out of life, and fulfill their potential, engage fully wherever they are. Engaging means following your yearning wherever it takes you. And people who engage more make more mistakes. They also have more successes, learn more, and develop themselves more quickly.

Making mistakes is necessary. Think about sports or music. Without mistakes, missing the target, sounding a bad note, you never get good and you definitely can’t excel. Mistakes are essential to learning and the courage to make mistakes and really push yourself is what is going to cause you to be as good as you can be.

Think failures aren’t a critical stepping stone to a great life project? Check this out:

If that wasn’t convincing enough, the recent research is demonstrating that the way we actually learn something is by making mistakes. Without mistakes, we literally do not learn.

Engage as fully as possible and risk making mistakes. Select anything to take on – a big stretch or a small stretch. Maybe you take a different route home and risk getting lost. Or, maybe you risk telling a peer or manager something that would serve them or the company, but that you have held back. Look for as many opportunities to engage to the point of making mistakes. Be prepared to be delighted by the progress you make in your life project!

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