Wright Foundation | March 27, 2013

Have You Lost Your Passion?
5 Ways To Reawaken Your Deepest Desires

Lost your zest for life? Having trouble staying focused on what’s in front of you? Spending too much time worrying about the past or the future?

If you have trouble focusing on what you need to do and have a hard time staying in the moment, don’t despair. You may just need an “urge booster”! Urges – believe it or not – are our friends. They tell us what is really going on inside us – our desires, our passions and our yearnings—and allow us to more fully experience every moment of our lives.

However, in reality, most people confuse real urges with “counterfeit” urges – those habits or behaviors we engage in for immediate gratification that don’t bring us any real satisfaction – such as stuffing our face with chocolate, over watching television or impulse shopping. What’s the difference? Real urges meet our deeper yearning and get you engaged in the moment. People who follow their urges are more satisfied and more productive. So be ready to recognize your counterfeit urges and embrace your real urges.

Here are 5 Ways you can embrace your urges and live more fully in the moment:

1. Ask yourself what you are feeling. Knowing your emotions will help you be more engaged.

2. What do you really want? Look underneath the urge to the deeper need that you could be meeting. In a deeper inquiry you may yearn for comfort, or to exist or to matter or to make a difference or to be loved.

3. Notice what beliefs are holding you back from expressing your urge. It could be that you think you’ll look stupid or silly and be embarrassed.

4. Take a risk and follow your urge. Risks are a necessary part of full engagement in your life, leading to more satisfaction and fulfillment.

5. Notice what really satisfies you. Start to notice the difference between the counterfeit urges that keep you stuck in your ruts and routines and those that really give you a sense of satisfaction.

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Dr. Judith Wright


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