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LIFESTYLES LAB: Successful and Satisfied Living in All Areas of Life, One Day at a Time

 We all want success in life, but we aren’t sure how to break it down to achieve it. This laboratory learning experience breaks it down for you. With your fellow participants, you will focus on one area of your life a day, from relationship to finances.

We are all meant to live successful, satisfying, healthy lives. But to do that, we first need a solid foundation in our lifestyle. Lifestyles Lab provides a system and process of accountability that supports you to establish increasing lifestyle success with actionable steps you choose based on a daily rhythm.

A focus for each day of the week—career, body, finances, relationships, etc.—allows you to enhance areas of your lifestyle where you are strong, while creating a foundation in areas where you need more work. You work with your Lifestyles Lab and facilitators to choose small action steps for each day of the week based on the focus of the day. Each of you works on the same area of life on the same day so there is a great deal of sharing and inspiration. The lab supports you to have increasing accountability towards your daily rhythms and commitments in a way that propels you to create a solid lifestyles foundation over time.

What might a group like this mean for you?

The whole baseline of your life will continually improve because you’ll be touching every single part of your life, a little bit each day

Why Lifestyles Lab?
If you are already engaged in your own personal development, Lifestyles Lab will help you shore up your foundation to allow increased success. If you haven’t been able to engage in your personal development because of financial or other lifestyles constraints, the lab can help you get that financial foundation in place over time.

When it comes to progress, success comes from consistency and accountability—having a plan and support to implement that plan. After all, we are not meant to do life alone!

Lifestyles Labs launches on September 22!

Your biweekly online group will be led by a variety of facilitators, but the launch will be co-led by Wright Foundation adjunct faculty and Microsoft executive, Matt Booty, along with Wright Foundation COO and Chief Vision Realization officer, Barbara Burgess.

  • When: Every other Tuesday evening from 7:00 – 8:30 P.M. CT beginning on September 22
  • Cost$130 per month

Here are a few of the life skills you will walk away with:

An ever-evolving map for the lifestyle you have wanted with daily and weekly goals 

  • An increased capacity to orient to vision— bring your actions into alignment with what most matters

Consistent, real-time accountability and support from individuals who are on the same path as you that can be a template for the rest of your life

  • A lifestyle of intention and integrity 
  • In-the-field practice of increasing ability to set and achieve goals

See what our students are saying about courses at the Wright Foundation:

I have been a primary care physician for 35 years, and have prided myself on my ability to make a deep connection with patients. Learning about social and emotional intelligence at the Wright Foundation has allowed me to have those relationships be nourishing not only to my patients, but also to me as well.

– Marilyn P.

What I really appreciate about the skills in the courses I learned is that they are not only exciting to learn, but they are applicable in all kinds of situations. I use what I have learned about myself and relationships with my family, running my business, and even in my faith-community. What you learn is inspirational, but also incredibly pragmatic.

– Rich B.

I have gotten immense leadership and career development skills from these courses. I went from an entry level techie in my organization to a director who brings in new business. And I love interacting with and serving my clients which I never imagined having the skillset for—invaluable!

– Munzoor S.

What might a group like this mean for you?

The whole baseline of your life will continually improve because you’ll be touching every single part of your life, a little bit each day