Leadership Encounter

We teach leaders to lead with truth and honesty and build on learnings from the Group Process Training and the Principled Leadership Training.

In both personal and professional settings, most people are afraid to tell the truth. But withholding information holds us back from having honest, productive relationships. Possessing the ability to encounter people with honesty is a key leadership skill that will enable you to become an authentic, conscientious leader.

Start working for the tomorrow you always wished for.

What You Will Do :

This intensive and interactive weekend gives participants the opportunity to truly encounter each other – to focus on the truth of the moment, in the here and now, while interacting with full flow, aliveness, and truth. A game-changing training for anyone looking to become a transformational leader.

Have you compeleted the Group Process Training, or Principled Leadership Training?
Participation in one of the two courses is required as a prerequisite for registration in this course.

Details :

For program dates, or any other questions, please contact Wright today – we’d be happy to help!

Start working for the tomorrow you always wished for.


Foundations Weekend Training

Our signature leadership development and social and emotional intelligence training

Group Process Training

Use the dynamics of group process to analyze functioning in depth

Principled Leadership Training

Identify and develop principles that will define your leadership

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