Dr. Judith Wright | March 8, 2018

International Women’s Day

I salute the power of the feminine today. I salute all women…all the women who have come before us who have loved, lived, and led. I salute all the girls on their path to womanhood…and all the women yet to come.

Today I thank all the women who have taken stands for what they value, for what matters…all who have risked, spoken up, lived their values, shared their truths. Women who have had the courage to love fully, care greatly, feel deeply, fight fiercely, express courageously…

…for we represent the life force, the full feminine, the values of collaboration, cooperation, inclusion, nurturance, being, intuition, depth of feeling, sustenance, sustaining, quality, resolution, sharing, interdependence…

…we represent care and concern for all–not just ourselves, but care and concern for our families, our communities, and the world.

Learn more about the Society of Femininity in Action (SOFIA).

Let this be a day where we celebrate the feminine, not just women, but feminine values everywhere. Let this be a day where we do not just look to others or men or the world to value us, but we value ourselves.

And let’s not stop there.

Today let us dedicate to bringing our gifts to the table, to fully honoring our gifts, to recognizing the value of who we are and we are becoming. Let us bring our full feminine in harmony with the masculine. Not just men and women but masculine and feminine. Let us celebrate a vision of the harmony of the feminine and masculine in synergy together.

Our world needs the feminine and the masculine in full partnership, the being and doing, intuition and logic, feeling and thinking, quality and quantity. When we as women honor our gifts and create a world that honors our gifts, we are able to be in full partnership and harmony with masculine gifts…then together we bring harmony to our world, we create a world that works for everyone.

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Dr. Judith Wright is a media favorite, sought-after inspirational speaker, respected leader, peerless educator, bestselling author, & world-class coach.
She is a co-founder of The Wright Foundation and the Wright Graduate University.

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