7-Day Inspiration Challenge

Lay the foundation of our inner oasis during the seven-day inspiration challenge.

Want a longer dose of nourishment? Join us for our Sacred Pilgrimage online and explore a week of oasis.

Daily Inspiration Challenges

Day 1

Three times today note and savor for over 10 seconds, at least three moments of pleasure or joy. For extra credit, write a brief poem for each moment.

Day 2

Contribute to someone in any way, big or small. 

Notice any feelings you have about it. 

Journal your insights and feelings. 

(For a bonus, feel free to contribute to more than one person!)

Day 3

Find a poem by Rumi or a work by another mystic of your choice. 

Read it in the morning and again at night. 

Journal on what it evokes in you. 

You can find lots of examples of Rumi’s poems here.

Day 4

Find a Zen Koan and live with it for the day. Here are some to pick from. 

Want a little extra credit? Enjoy this Ted-ed talk about them.

Day 5

Identify the joys of challenges in your day– unlikely moments of pleasure, delight, surprise, or other discovery–and make note of them. 

Savor each moment.

Day 6

Once an hour, take three deep breaths and hold each as long as you can.

Pay attention to your feelings and results.

For extra credit: journal and reflect on this experience.

Day 7

Journal on the gratitude you uncovered this week. 

How have you created your oasis? 

What has emerged?