Human Development 1: Early Childhood

To progress from one place in a relationship to another, you first need to understand where you are and probe what’s going on inside of you.

Whenever you communicate with someone, whether you are a CEO dealing with your executive team or an artist dealing with a vendor, you are engaging in a complex set of interactions to which you are likely blind. The problem? We can’t effectively move toward our desired outcomes unless we become aware of the complexity of our moment-by-moment interactions. This is the heart of social and emotional intelligence.

The Wright Model for Human Growth and Development gives you a powerful yet pragmatic map for understanding where you are, in your moment-by-moment interactions, so that you can make more effective choices to get where you want to be.

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For program dates or to learn more about our Human Development program, email our program director, Jillian Eichel or contact Wright for more information.

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Human Development 2: Early Adolescent Training

Use moment-by-moment self-awareness to make more effective choices

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Year of Transformation

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