Dr. Bob Wright | July 3, 2013

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

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Every one of us was built to do more and be more than we are today because we’re designed to do that. One of the key elements to that design are our emotions and the primary emotions, fear, hurt, anger, sadness, and joy, are how we learn and grow.

When we were in grade school, we were afraid of getting a red mark, so we studied more to avoid getting it. When we got the red mark, we felt hurt and got upset. When someone took our stuff we got angry and we learned how to assert ourselves and stand up for ourselves.

Our basic mechanism is built upon the pleasure and the pain principle. We were built to move away from pain and towards pleasure. That’s how we learned language, because most sounds we made got no result, but certain sounds got mom and dad to smile and that’s how we learned  how to say “mom, dad, toilet, food, milk,” etc. We learned to say these words because sounds we made that were unintelligible reminded them of milk.

So this mechanism to move away from pain and towards pleasure is intermediated in our lives and our emotions. If I’m afraid of something, the fear helps me to move away from danger and towards safety and security. If I’m hurt, the pain helps me move into being comforted and learning and growing. If I’m angry, the assertion helps me move away from pain and acquire something pleasurable. If I’m sad, the grief reminds me of the loss of a pleasure. And joy is just pure joy.

These primary emotions are central to maximizing your potential. I don’t care how well you’ve done in life, it makes for better intimacy, it makes for learning faster as entrepreneurs, as business people, and in any job that we’ve ever had. Those people who are more in touch learn faster, it’s not just about our cognitive intelligence, it’s our emotional intelligence that is the primary skill that we need to get ahead in life to be great in partnership, in parenting, and in career.

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