Dr. Bob Wright | September 6, 2013

“I Love Sales People” :
Getting Great Results

I love working with sales people. They are my heroes—warriors who face more rejection and have more possibility for reward than the rest of the population.

As sales people, we have to make offers, ask for things, and transact with people. We want people to like and accept us, and we face the reality that they won’t always feel that way. And even when they do reject us, we can learn and grow.

Get Out Of Your Own Way

The biggest barrier we face as sales people is ourselves. Will I put in enough effort to make my numbers? Will I dial the phone? Will I ask for the referral? And if I do all that, will I submit to the number of dials, conversations, meetings, and proposals that I have to do in order to win? Will I face the rejection and push through? Will I face my limiting beliefs to see who I can become?

One of the sales people that I’ve coached over the last 20 years had never made more than $50,000 a year. Originally coming from a blue-collar neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, he had already moved with his wife and two kids to a nice condominium on the north shore—he thought he was in “hog heaven.” I challenged him to buy a house in a ritzier suburb even though he thought he wasn’t ready. He ended up buying that house,and pushed himself to do what it took to pay for it. He now has his third house in that area and is regularly making over $300,000 a year. Although the results are nice, what’s really important is that he transformed himself.

Grow Yourself, Grow Your Numbers

He had to transform his self concept – he had to see himself as worthy of selling to people of higher status and income where he could make bigger deals, build his business, and start becoming a core part of a community that he never believed he could belong to. It’s his inner journey of transformation, from unworthy to worthy, from a participant in life to a meaningful contributor to his world that is so inspirational. And that’s what the game of sales is about. It’s about stretching, reaching, and going deep into ourselves to see what we’re made of while transforming into the most radiant selves we can be.

Whether you are a career sales person or someone just selling a friend on doing what you want, think about your own possible transformation. Are you willing to have people not like you? To be rejected? Are you willing to be a warrior in order to have the magnificent life you desire? Take a risk in putting yourself out there. Make a stand for what matters to you and see what happens.

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Dr. Bob Wright

Dr. Bob Wright is an internationally recognized visionary, educator, program developer, leadership and sales executive, best-selling author and speaker. He is a co-founder of Wright and the Wright Graduate University.

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