Barbara Burgess | May 4, 2015

How to Get Ahead
in Your Career by Being a Bitch


When you hear the word ‘bitch,’ you probably think back to one of the popular girls in high school who called you names or that one terrible coworker you just couldn’t stand. But many women are taking back the word ‘bitch’ and repurposing it as a way of describing a woman who is a fierce, powerful, feminine leader.

*Excerpted from Dr. Judith Wright’s women’s leadership curriculum

If the word and its meaning make you wince, try keeping an open mind and remember that being a bitch can be a great way to get ahead in your career.

Good Bitches vs. Bad Bitches

Believe it or not, there are bitches who serve and those who drag you down. (…and hey, there’s an inner bitch in everyone, both men and women!) A bad bitch is a complaining, selfish, or nasty person that creates negative mojo. This is not the bitch you want to be to get ahead in your career because bad bitches only invite drama—not exactly ideal in the workplace.

Good bitches are the type of people who bitch with a purpose: they take on every task no matter how hard it is and whether or not others cast doubt on their ability to complete it. This bitch is happy with her choices, even if she isn’t everyone’s best friend at work. A good bitch’s goal is to do her job, be a leader, and most importantly: be a go-getter. While good bitches may not always be the office favorite, they’re well respected for their leadership, dedication and loyalty.

Want to Tap your Inner Bitch at Work?

Suggesting someone should “harness their inner bitch” to get ahead at work may sound a bit strange. The trick is knowing how to do it the right way.


Successful bitches:

  1. Have a Bigger Mission – These bitches are bitching for a reason; they want to get ahead and they have a clear goal in mind of where they want to end up. Without a bigger “why” in your life, you’ll likely turn into one of those other, less desirable bitches. Ask yourself what you are trying to achieve. Is there a higher purpose driving you professionally? If so, go for it!
  2. Increase Their Self-Awareness – Good bitches are self-aware enough to have the social and emotional intelligence they need to better interact and communicate with the world around them. This may mean getting honest with yourself about your own flaws. Make sure you’re authentic with yourself and others, and that you’re not adding drama to your surroundings.
  3. Exercise Their Power Muscles – We all have both masculine and feminine power attributes within ourselves. The masculine power is focused on getting the task done while the feminine power addresses the way you go about getting it and the bigger why behind it. Harmonize these attributes by developing your masculine drive to support your feminine values. Tap your assertion but make sure you are using it for a higher purpose with quality in your relationships.
Do I Really Want to Be a Bitch?

Absolutely! The key is to be the right kind of bitch: a bitch who is a fierce, feminine, and respected leader. Selfish and whiny bitches who don’t have a clear mission are undesirable and simply won’t be as successful as good bitches. Remember your “why” and be self-aware enough to know what kind of bitch you’re being at any given moment. This is key to being an effective bitch. Also, don’t forget to assert and balance your personal power to boost not just your career, but also your personal life. Keep your authentic inner bitch alive and you can make great strides in your career—just remember to keep those bad bitch tendencies at bay.

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