Wright Foundation | March 1, 2013

Being Single and Loving Life

Singlehood is a time to rebel. It’s a time to test limits. It’s a time to say, “You know, I don’t agree.” And we usually end up close to where we started. But in the meantime, we’ve made it ours, and it’s no longer somebody else’s.

Part of singlehood is obvious: it’s to become independent. It’s not about going home and having your mom do your laundry. It’s about going out and knowing you can stand on your own two feet and have a great life. That’s obvious. Everybody understands that. But not everybody understands that it’s about understanding yourself and understanding the opposite sex. That it’s about developing your social and emotional intelligence, your capacity to understand others and to take care of yourself as well.

I dated some of the most amazing women. I had five women I dated that could have been world class wives and I got the best of the best. But you know, you gotta be able to walk away and lose some to know what you lost. And if you don’t know what you lost, and intelligently look at it, you won’t know how to appreciate what you’re looking at next time.

I think that when I got married, I had a better understanding of the opposite sex than any guy I knew, which, by the way, was precious little when you get married. It was back to zero.

People understand it’s about getting a job but they don’t understand that a career is about learning and growing and really following your destiny into your fullest potential in life.

Freedom is being able to tell people what you think and knowing what you think and that’s why I think this whole series is important. So many people are confused as shit and they don’t know this is the time to be confused and it’s the time to experiment and it concerns me. I mean, everybody is trying to get the right damn job and they don’t understand it’s about living a full great life. And it’s not about what the job is, it’s about who you are. And that’s a problem.

And singlehood is the last time we have to learn and grow without the serious consequences of losing our house and our family and everything else. So, we have freedom that doesn’t get used. That’s what I want people to understand. This is the time to experiment. This is the time to make outrageous mistakes, this is the time to learn how to be your most assertive self and learn what’s too much assertion and learn what’s not enough.

If I don’t do too much, I don’t know where the boundaries and limitations are. I don’t know what my taste for risk is. And too many singles nowadays are too worried about their 401Ks and getting set up the prison that’s going to be the concrete of their lives rather than learning to live freely a life of flying high and looking wide and having the most fantastic singlehood possible. So come on, let’s play and fly.

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