Dr. Bob Wright | May 19, 2015

4 Key Habits of Highly Productive People

We’ve all heard about books and programs promising to reveal the secret habits of the most productive people on the planet. Some terminology may be jargon, but the underlying themes of communication and efficiency seem to run throughout.

At the office, it can be difficult to remain productive all day long: there are reports to finish, meetings to attend, and of course, the usual watercooler chat. So really, what are the top habits of highly productive people?

Talk, Shoot, Move

It turns out that being productive can be explained through three simple verbs: talk, shoot and move.

It’s vital to learn from your talk, shoot, and move approach. Listening and understanding are all part of productivity. Perhaps the receptionist mentioned a problem with the phone systems; you can learn from this and execute your talk/shoot with IT, thus moving along and ultimately solving the problem. As you’ve probably guessed, the talk, shoot, move and learn habits can be applied in many different ways. Here is a bit of a breakdown on each:

1. Talk

The word “talk” literally means to communicate—and that’s the key of this entire system of habits. Short and to-the-point check-ins with staff and colleagues will not only help the company but you’ll also make people feel appreciated. Be interested and concerned about what your colleague is saying; it may help them to be more comfortable in talking as well. People in many industries must focus on talking and listening for both efficiency and safety. For example, nurses must talk constantly to update each other on the status of different patients. This is key while on-duty and during shift-change reports.

2. Shoot

Imagine you’re at the shooting range…the point of target practice is to hit the bull’s-eye. When you shoot, you are clearly communicating your agenda and dictating other’s if necessary. Shoot to get your mission clearly stated and executed, whether that means delegating or directing information at management. If you are talking to the receptionist and trying to shoot him or her their agenda and all of a sudden you find yourself in a ten-minute chat on “The Bachelor,” then you’re not shooting at the right target to be fully productive.

3. Move

In this fast-paced world, you can’t move quickly enough. While engaging in your talking and shooting, make sure to move fluidly throughout the office with the goal of engaging everyone in a timely fashion. As mentioned earlier, nurses update each other on the status of their patients regularly. This means constantly moving in order to talk and shoot as needed to keep patients safe. In the case of the receptionist, you have to move along to keep focused and on top of your game.

And a 4th Habit to Remember…

4. Learn

In the process of engaging in talk, move and shoot, the fourth habit that should be maintained is learning. If you’re not learning anything from all of your talking, listening and moving—well then what’s the real point? Every moment is teachable, and a chance for you to help yourself and the company. Constantly ask yourself if you are indeed learning from the information you’re communicating on and if there is anything you can do to improve the situations you find yourself in.


Remember, productive people don’t sit around and wait for life to come to them! They actively go out and chase life: talking, shooting, moving and learning.

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