Wright Foundation | March 8, 2017

In Honor of the Feminine: International Women’s Day

Today I salute all women and the feminine values that matter more than ever in our world.

international women's day

One of the biggest challenges in honoring the feminine is that it sometimes speaks in a whisper, not a roar – like listening to the silence at a loud sporting event immediately after the score. As I woke up this morning and thought about all of the women everywhere who give, serve, care, share, and connect in all the ways they instinctively do that often go unnoticed or unvalued, I dedicated my day and my moments to them and to the feminine. Below is a tribute from me to all of the women warriors in our world I so admire.


I made my bed today in honor of the feminine – for all of the women who tend, care, and work to improve their worlds.

I did my makeup today in honor of the feminine – for all of the women who bring their beauty to the world.

I said my prayers today in honor of the feminine –for all of the women who honor and worship the Creator in all his or her faces and forms, knowing that creating life is the greatest gift.

I did my walk today in honor of the feminine–for all of the women who love and nurture Mother Earth, and to Mother Earth who nourishes us all.

I ate my breakfast today in honor of the feminine–with gratitude to those who cultivate the food and help us partake of the gifts of Mother Earth and to all of those who activate the alchemy of food through their cooking to create nourishing meals that sustain and nurture those they love.

I listened to a friend in pain today in honor of the feminine, for those who listen with an open heart and deep caring.

I felt my stress today in honor of the feminine, for all of those who care about everything, big and small, and want the best for everyone, and to do their best for everyone.

I cried today in honor of the feminine–for all those who love, care, and tend to others, whose gifts are not honored, or worse, are ridiculed, demeaned, belittled, ignored, threatened, or punished.

I wept today for all of the girls and women who do not know their special gifts or how important their gifts are, who do not know how precious they are, how powerful they are, what a gift they are.

I sobbed today for humanity in honor of the feminine, for a world that needs the gifts of all of its inhabitants to be whole, complete, healed, at peace, and to flourish, to become what humanity can become.

I wrote today to honor the feminine in all its faces and forms, because it would be easier not to. It would be easier to think it’s too small, doesn’t matter, doesn’t make a difference.

I wrote today, because the feminine is powerful beyond measure. Because our caring, concern, tending, listening, feeling, caring, connecting, holding, touching, risking, falling down, getting up, and moving forward matter in ways we may never know in our lifetimes.

I honor the feminine.

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