Dr. Bob Wright | January 23, 2014

ALIVENESS: Have you been attacked as a leader?

Have you been attacked as a leader?

I’m tired of being attacked and getting my feelings hurt. Yes, I know that as a leader, this all comes with the territory. Sure I can take it, but still. Jealous people in high school did it. I had to deal with (and still do) petty people near our Wisconsin campus who do little to nothing for the environment (while we restore over 80 acres) who attacked us when we had more lakefront than they did. And my business faces cult attacks for any number of horse manure reasons. Occasionally I can see the rationale, but no one seems to just disagree anymore. They get on these attack sites and can anonymously say whatever they want.

Our Year of Transformation

It can all just feel like too much until I read this quote that we put out for our Year of Transformation participants from Wilhelm Reich, “Your life will be good and secure when aliveness will mean more to you than security.” Reich is the teacher of Dr. Alexander Lowen and what a difference he made in people’s lives. I think Reich died in prison. That perspective reminds me to get out of self pity.

Can you imagine being imprisoned for service to help unlock human potential? I don’t really buy all his theories and some are downright kooky, but to attack what we don’t understand seems like pure defense. But when I go back to the quote and realize that the only security is within I realize that I should be thankful for the attacks. They give me a great lesson to learn and grow in the real security. I then get to shift from the drama to embracing the aliveness, doing a gut check t see if I am really at peace with myself and what I do, and then pick myself up, dust myself off, breathe deeply (a big thing for Reich), straighten my shoulders, and feel the life flowing in my body. The heaviness turns to aliveness and I go into the day.

Viva Aliveness! It’s day 23 in our monthly aliveness theme.

I hope you’re working it right along with me!

Warmest Regards,


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