Wright Foundation | March 17, 2020

Finding Your Purpose During a Pandemic

In turbulent and challenging times like these, it is easy to feel to aimless, anxious, and unsure of the future. That’s why now is the perfect time to discover your purpose.

These years have been difficult for most people. Even though challenging, finding your purpose during a pandemic is possible.

Purpose can bring meaning and joy to everything you do. It can be a beacon to orient to in the darkness and help bring your highest goals, aspirations, and principles into focus.

Even better, tough times can actually help you find your purpose. For example, one of our students is a small business owner who had to shut down her office and have her employees go remote. In doing so, she realized that her purpose was to foster a deeper and more authentic connection with her team members. She set up a virtual after-work “hangout,” where her team could chat, connect, unwind, and share the day’s victories and troubles. Even though her team was far apart physically, her purposeful actions brought them closer together than ever.

So how do you discover your purpose? There are two important things to keep in mind.

Purpose Starts with Yearning

What do we desire deep inside? Kids yearn to matter when they bring you their crayon drawing. Employees yearn to be seen when they do a good job. We all yearn to love and be loved; to be seen, heard, known, to matter, to contribute, to make a difference–all elements of purpose. Purposeful living is fueled by moment-by-moment yearning and full engagement. This will lead you to orient to purpose in everything you do.

Purpose is Found in Every Moment

Purpose isn’t just one big action, an overarching achievement, or a mission. Purpose is lived in each and every moment. The extent that you live purposely in the moment is the extent to which purpose pervades your life and provides rich benefits. Remember, living with purpose isn’t just some grand gesture–it doesn’t mean you have to travel to the Himalayas or become Mother Teresa.

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