Family Adventure Weekend

Experience more meaningful relationships. Join us on a weekend of incredible connection with your family like you’ve never experienced before!

Moms and Dads, boys and girls of all ages, get ready for the adventure weekend of a lifetime! Jam-packed with activities inspired by an incredible story themed adventure. From Lord of the Rings to Kung Fu Panda to Frozen to The Lego Movie—our Family Adventure Weekends are sure to inspire and engage children and adults of all ages.

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What you will do :

Both parents and children will engage in interactive learning exercises. Parents will get the opportunity to bond together and receive specialized parenting coaching from our CEO and founder Dr. Bob Wright. Our staff will also provide stimulating activities and guidance to maximize enjoyment and teamwork.

Details :


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Our signature leadership development and social and emotional intelligence training

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Family and Parenting

Teach your children to stand on their own

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