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Our executive coaches offer guidance and inspiration to help you achieve your goals, and increase performance and satisfaction in all aspects of your life, ensuring you gain the edge and move forward in your career or business.

Your success is imperative.

You have goals to achieve, challenges to overcome, and problems to solve. You have developed your skills, strengths, and talents to advance your career. You are excited about where you are headed and hungry to maximize your contribution to your organization. You have always succeeded in the past by simply bulling ahead, doing what you do best, and minimizing your weak points. And, this has been a winning strategy.

But the leap to the next level feels like it just may be too much of a stretch.

Whether you just want a seasoned sounding board you can trust or you have nagging concerns about your people skills, strategic vision, sales finesse – you fill in the blank – you need a winning executive coach to help you make that leap.

  • Create a potent vision for your career success
  • Develop concrete goals that move you forward toward your objectives
  • Increase your ability to think, plan, and implement strategically
  • Get strong performance from your team
  • Manage workflow for greater productivity and results
  • Be more effective and fulfilled

An Executive Coaching program that works for you :

The Human Emergence Group is committed to helping you fulfill your dreams and surpass your organization’s objectives. We bring you the best in one-on-one coaching augmented by cutting-edge resources in assessment and planning through:

  • C-Level coaching
  • Leadership and Management coaching
  • Problem solving
  • Development
  • Career coaching
  • Sales coaching

We partner with you in three phases :

PHASE I : Assessment & Visioning

In this phase you will immediately gain insights and perspectives that will cause you to perform more effectively. We will help you assess your personal styles of learning, conflict resolution, personality strengths, and other perspectives to help formulate your management and leadership development strategy.You will also work with a head coach to clearly identify your present state, your ultimate goals, and the most potent pathways to get there. Where desirable, we invite world class specialists from our adjunct faculty to help you plan, problem solve, and strategize your pathways to success.

In this phase you will:

  • Develop a compelling vision that pulls you toward your goals
  • Use cutting-edge cognitive tools to amplify your strengths and address your weaknesses
  • Identify and enhance your past patterns of success
  • Identify and begin to rectify past patterns that hold you back

PHASE II : Feedback & Planning

Here we incorporate the assessment, collect additional feedback from others in your company and design your plan together with you. This phase generally includes a 360 or 180 degree feedback process where we interview coworkers and other key staff to get the most accurate, useful information we can to help you fulfill your potential.

You will:

  • Get the frank feedback you need to be successful (the truths others are afraid to tell you)
  • Create a step-by-step plan that charts a pathway to your success

PHASE III : Ongoing Coaching

Here is where the rubber meets the road. Based on your plan we provide weekly coaching sessions for the first month and bi-weekly coaching sessions from month two on, to support you in implementing your objectives, help to keep you focused, and provide ongoing feedback. In these calls we help you analyze challenges and develop strategic courses of action. In addition, we provide tactical and strategic input, help you tap additional resources and provide other support for your success. Week by week your specific action steps bring you closer to your goals.



Do you want to maximize the potential of your leaders and employees?

Your Coach will help you :
  • Keep moving forward on the pathway to ultimate success
  • Eliminate the clutter of misplaced priorities and the tyranny of the urgent
  • Envision the new perspectives you’ll need to step up to greater responsibility

At the end of this phase, you will meet with your coach and head coach to integrate your learnings and to ensure maximum application and growth as you move forward

Customized to your individual needs:

There are three versions of the Executive Coaching program: 12 months, 6 months, and 3 months. Each version follows the three-phase structure. You select the program duration based on the vision you create for yourself and the goals you want to achieve.

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