It doesn’t matter if you are a serial entrepreneur or are just starting a business for the first time in your home, this can benefit any & everyone who owns a business.

Why you’re here:

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, your company’s success is 100 percent correlated to your ability to bring out the best in yourself and those you lead and serve. We’ve coached entrepreneurs to success for over 30 years, fishes of all sizes in ponds of all sizes. Now that sounds too good to be true. How can everyone, regardless of experience, equally benefit from the same type of entrepreneur coaching?

What you will get :

The answer is simple, because we focus on YOU to help YOU understand the inner workings of your business in a way you never ventured down.

When one hears, ‘Entrepreneur Coaching,” many thoughts get conjured up pertaining to business: P&L statements, business plans, talent acquisition, product distribution and of course sales and marketing. These are all very pivotal components of any business but often times people get stuck ONLY on such variables and neglect to dig further into the possibilities of themselves and how they can really elevate their business to the next level.

Though Wright’s Entrepreneur Coaching most definitely can, and almost always does incorporate some “real business” issues into coaching, we take things a step further and identify your true mission and vision. For instance, an entrepreneur coach might ask you, “Why are you in business? Why do you want to expand? Why are you having difficulty reprimanding an employee?” The ‘whys’ should be incorporated into your bottom-line and viewed equally as important.

By helping our clients understand more than just facts and figures, our entrepreneurs are more successful and happier with what they are doing. Some have gone on to net multi-million dollars in annual revenues, sell their businesses to larger conglomerations, and even have a national presence as an industry leader.

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