Dr. Bob Wright | June 17, 2013

Emotions–Good for Business?

“Leave them at home.” That’s what most of us were told about our emotions, directly or indirectly, when we started our careers.

Yet research is undeniably demonstrating that checking our feelings at the door could really cost us—individually and company-wide. The best CEOs, salespeople, and individual performers have high emotional intelligence—-they are in touch with their feelings throughout the day, rather than ignoring them.

Emotions Rock!

But how can these feelings help us get what we want? We’re so trained to believe that emotions are bad—not just at work but everywhere. When we cry or get angry, we think it’s a problem. But our emotions are critical—they lead us in the right direction. They tell us what isn’t working in a situation. They help us be better strategic thinkers and decision makers. The list goes on and on. In reality, without our emotions, we’re numb and dumb.

Getting in touch with our emotions and using them to guide us means more time, money, intimacy, and overall happiness. The good news is, you can start learning these skills and it can set you apart as you move forward with your life and your career.

An Emotion an Hour

This week, boost your emotional intelligence. Try a powerful skill called “An Emotion an Hour.” In our emotional curriculum at Wright, we start by having people focus on five primary feelings: fear, hurt, anger, sadness, and joy. The first step is raising your awareness about these feelings. Set a timer or your phone to go off once an hour. In that moment, notice which of those five primary feelings you might be having. At first it may be more difficult but as you advance in the training you start to realize that we have many feelings going on all the time in every moment. For now, just see if you can notice one.

Being more in touch with how you are feeling is great data, and can lead to greater rapport, understanding, planning, fulfillment, and happiness. Let us know how it goes!

Bob and Judith Wright

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