Wright Foundation | September 3, 2014

What is an Emotionally
Intelligent Leader?

What does it mean to be able to touch the hearts and minds of the people we lead? It’s the inner life of a leader that should concern those that lead.

It is a matter of establishing an intimate connection and understanding within yourself in order to connect to the inner life of the individuals that you lead.

When we take the time to understand ourselves, we’re better able to understand others. When you understand others you are better able to tailor your messages and enroll them into what we’re doing. In addition, the emotionally intelligent leader also becomes enrolled in what those they lead are doing. They actually care about them and hold their best ineterest at heart. This was demonstratd by Bass and Reggio in their research reported in the book, Transformational Leadership.

More importantly, what does it mean to be an emotionally intelligent leader?

The transformational leader is an emotionally intelligent leader who truly cares about individuals. Individuals can feel it and it creates a postive environment of growth and mutality for everyone involved.

The emotionally intelligent leader is also a visionary. When one is  emotionally aware, they are more likely to be able to operate from a direction of higher principles. These higher principles become more compelling to the people that they lead. This leadership direction manifests a leader that is in essence more authentic, more genuine, more real, and overall, more understandable and approachable.

Another definition of authenticity comes from the existentialists and humanistic psychologists who say that authenticity is stepping into and becoming my next self.

All in all, an  emotionally intelligent leader is able to watch the emergence of the people they lead, celebrate that emergence, and in turn celebrate them and their accomplishments.

It  is our duty as leaders to be emotionally intelligent and aware of our surroundings and the individuals that we influence.

It is then and only then can we truly be the best that we can be and grasp all levels of our leadership while maintaining consistent mutuality with the individuals that surround us.

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