Emergence Coaching Training

  • 6 months
  • 3 courses
  • Hybrid (online with optional in-person attendance)
  • Delivered in English
  • July 27, 2023
  • Jan 25, 2024
  • $4,675* (*Cost for students who are enrolled in Wright Graduate University programs may differ.)



The Wright Foundation’s Emergence Coach Training brings you the theory, skills, principles, and practices that provide a solid foundation for your development as a potent professional coach

You will learn the unique Wright Emergence Coaching methodology and understand it in the context of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Coaching Competencies. You will learn how to demonstrate each competency in real-time coaching conversations and experience the effect of these skills as a coachee.

You will experiment with coaching language, apply diverse and research-based techniques, and explore their effects. You will learn a defined process to structure a coaching session and engagement, and you’ll learn about the benefits of the structure as well as the vulnerabilities of a poorly structured engagement. You will learn evidence-based methodologies to establish credibility, build trust and demonstrate empathy with a coachee. You will complete the training having effectively coached and having been coached.

Emergence Coach Training, as a Level 2 ICF-Accredited Coaching Education, provides the education, mentor coaching, and performance evaluation components required for completion of either an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential with ICF. Completion of a Level 2 ICF-Accredited Coaching Education is one of several paths a coach may choose to earn a coaching credential from ICF. Please visit http://www.coachfederation.org to learn more about ICF’s different coaching credentials and the paths to certification.

As of April 2023, ICF requires the following to earn the ACC credential:

As of April 2023, ICF requires the following to earn the PCC credential:


Emergence Coaching

You will be learning the Wright Model of Emergence Coaching as you apply the phases of Evolating  in service to your clients. As your clients begin to engage in the emergence process, you will learn to help them maintain momentum, break through any perceived blocks, and to tap into their innate intelligence.

The Wright Model of Emergence coaching has some core assumptions that drive the coaching process. Wright assumes that clients are ‘whole and complete’ and have the innate capability to both solve problems, expand their capabilities, and their ability to think and function to their highest. Our purpose is:

It is within this context that we help clients gain the clarity necessary to create relevant goals and the confidence and skills they need to achieve them. We help individuals uncover their limiting beliefs, experiment with new behaviors, and see the consequences and effect of their actions on themselves, others, and the world. We also ask coaches look at their own limiting beliefs and behaviors that affect their ability to be the best coaches they can be.  In other words, we expect coaches to go through the same process themselves that they are helping their clients go through.

Coaches will learn about and work with their own projections and transferences on clients as well as study these concepts academically to bring out the best in themselves as they do the same for their clients.

Wright Integrative is essential to emergence coaching. It is the job of the coach to pull appropriate methodologies and concepts from your other Wright Integrative work to best serve clients. This could be introducing the concepts of choice, existential anxiety, or being vs. doing, from the existential perspective. It could be looking at how limiting beliefs are interfering with the leadership required at work. It could be looking at how the developmental need for affirmation and it’s not being directly met is adversely affecting the success of a coaching client.

Goals Coaching

You will also learn and practice a Goals/Strategy/Action framework within which you can help the client gain the self-awareness needed to set appropriate stretch goals, create strategies to operationalize those goals, and stay in action towards them. The emphasis in goal coaching is on action learning, client responsibility and accountability, and the coach managing the learning process with and for the client for maximum learning and impact.


The Wright Foundation’s Emergence Coach Training is for students seeking to enter a professional coaching career or advance an existing coaching career/practice. This program is suited to those students seeking to add an ICF coaching credential to their background.

We believe the standards for being a transformational coach are high. Our approach is “Practice what you teach,” rather than “Do what I say, not what I do,” because your integrity as a coach depends on  transforming yourself as you support others to transform themselves. Emergence Coach Training is for scholar-practitioners who are eager to engage in the same kinds of development activities that they are helping others to engage in.



Emergence Coach Training (an ICF Level 2 Accredited Coaching Education) is offered as a non-credit training enhancement to Wright Graduate University’s Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership and Coaching program or its Graduate Certificate in Transformational Coaching program. Students in Emergence Coach Training must complete a Wright Graduate University course as an auditor or matriculated student in one of these two programs.  Therefore all participants must meet the application requirements for admission as stated in the Wright Graduate University Catalog, including completion of an application for admission, two personal statements, and proof of an earned undergraduate (baccalaureate) degree from an accredited institution. Wright Graduate University’s admissions requirements may be viewed here.


Performative Learning Offered by the Wright Foundation

Academic Coursework (as an auditor or student enrolled in the MA or Coaching Certificate program at Wright Graduate University)

Final Evaluation

View Course Descriptions for this training and other Wright Graduate University offerings

AC82 Professional and Leadership Coaching (3 Weekends Required) 60 Hours 3 Synchronous (real-time) weekend learning sessions required

Hybrid (online with optional in-person attendance)

Includes 7 hours of group mentoring on ICF competencies.

PL07 Personal Empowerment Process I and II (2 Weekends Required) 46 Hours 2 Synchronous (real-time) weekend learning sessions required

Hybrid (online with optional in-person attendance)

PL08 Coaching Lab 20 Hours Online
Individual mentoring 3 Hours Online, 1:1 with ICF mentor
Coaching Practice 16 Hours In-person or online, as you determine with your coaching clients
Total Hours: 129 Hours





The Wright Foundation’s Emergence Coach Training has a total cost of $4,675.00.*

$3875 will be payable to the Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential, the provider of performative learning courses for Wright Graduate University. These costs include:

Personal Empowerment Process (PL07): $1,400.00
Coaching Lab (PL08): $1,000.00
Individual and Group Coaching Mentoring: $1,125.00
Final Examination Evaluation: $350

$800 is payable to Wright Graduate University and includes the cost of auditor tuition for the Professional and Leadership Coaching (AC82) course

* For Wright Graduate University students adding the Emergence Coach Training option to their MA degree or Graduate Certificate in Transformational Coaching program, the cost for Emergence Coach Training is $1,475 beyond the tuition and performative learning fees required for their respective degree or certificate program.

Wright Graduate University alumni who have completed the MA or Graduate Certificate in Transformational Coaching should inquire with the WGU admissions office to determine their costs for Emergence Coach Training based on program components previously completed.



Full payment is required by the first day of the quarter in which the student is enrolled. Payment plans may be available at no additional charge to allow students to spread the cost of tuition and fees across the academic quarter. For components provided by Wright Graduate University, full payment policies can be found in the Tuition & Fees section of the Catalog.


Refunds for training components offer by the Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential follow the Foundation’s withdrawal and refund policy. Trainings provided by the Wright Foundation include quarter-length trainings and shorter-term trainings. As such, the unit of measure for determining refunds under the refund policy varies and shall be scheduled course meeting units rather than number of days elapsed in the term. Refund is calculated based on the number of total days of training which have elapsed and how many days of scheduled training have yet to occur. For example, if a student withdraws after 1 of 4 days of residential coursework has elapsed for Personal Empowerment Process (PL07), the refund will equal 75% of tuition and fees paid for that training (3 out of 4, or 75%, of scheduled training days have yet to elapse at time of withdrawal).

Refunds for training components offered by Wright Graduate University will follow the withdrawal and refund policy published in the university catalog. You may view the full Cancellation and Refund Policy here.

Refunds will be provided based on the date of notification (via email or print) to the Registrar. For other questions regarding course purchase or refunds, please contact the Foundation Registrar.

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