Get step-by-step instruction and personalized support to make the changes you want in your life.

You deserve the best tools to boost your social and emotional intelligence and to design the life you want to live. Our research-based methodology is backed by updated, credible findings in neuroscience, positive psychology, education, behavioral economics, and many more relevant fields.

Wright’s courses, programs, trainings, and events are grouped into categories and levels to help you focus on the areas of life that matter the most to you.


More Life Training

Our signature leadership development and social and emotional intelligence training.

Career Empowerment Lab

Clarify your strengths and challenges for career transitions and development.

Soft Addictions Group

Learn the skills to let go of your soft addictions through experiential learning techniques such as working in small groups, engaging in paired shares.

Parent / Child Trainings

Develop a closer and more meaningful relationship with your child.

Family Adventure Weekend

Learn and grow as a family with courage, truth, self-expression, and teamwork.


Create self-awareness, reduce stress and promote well-being.

Entrepreneur Program

Create a business that brings you satisfaction and meaning to your career.


Experience a deeply personal, soul-searching exploration.

A4S Sales Program

Increase sales results, accountability and discipline.

Woman’s Essential Experience

Learn powerful skills to take charge of your life and re-discover the essential you.

Soft Addictions

Overcome the harmful habits that take your time and numb your feelings.

Society of Femininity in Action (SOFIA)

Honor feminine values and develop your capacity for bold leadership.

Men's Guild

Create strategies to overcome barriers, take more risks, and receive more awards.

Men’s Basic Weekend

Create strategies to overcome barriers, take more risks, and receive more awards.

Year of More

Our signature year-long program for self-development and growth.

Cognitive Restructuring

Learn about the power of changing your thinking to change your life.

Team Empowerment

Encourage your team to develop to their highest potential.

Vision in Action

Operationalize a compelling vision that drives you to the next level.

Encounter Leadership

Your first step in becoming a transformational leader.

Tracking: Applied Mindfulness

Achieve a higher level of self-awareness to become a more effective decision maker.

Principled Leadership Training

Identify and develop principles that will define your leadership style.

Group Process Training

Discover the power of group dynamics to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Human Development 1: Applied Early Childhood

Create better rapport moment-by-moment through understanding yourself.

Human Development 2: Applied Adolescent Development

Use moment-by-moment self-awareness to make more effective choices.

Personal Emergence Process

Develop communication skills that lead to intentional speaking and listening.

Transformation Lab

Dive deeply into the 6-Phase Development Model with support from staff and groups.

Leadership Intensive Training

A new kind of summer camp full of inspiring memorable moments.

Men’s Leadership Week Training

Evaluate your current state as a person and set goals for the future.

More Life Training Assisting

Have you attended the More Life Training in the past and want to deepen your skills?

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Whether you’re looking to work on your relationships, your career, or your life, there’s one resounding common starting point: YOU.

Our powerful, yet practical Self-Development programs are designed to:

Discover and refine valuable skills you were never taught in school or on the job with Wright’s Self-Development programs.


Prepare for a multitude of career moves with any of Wright’s Career programs. Whether you’re desperately seeking career satisfaction, more enriched working relationships, leadership skills, or you want to change careers entirely, we have a program for you.

Our effective Career and Business Development programs are designed to help you:

We’ll show you how you can use greater social and emotional intelligence to lead where you are, wherever you are. An immensely satisfying work life is within your reach. We’ll help you get there.


Our lives are built around our relationships. Do you want to improve your relationship with your husband? With your wife? With your kids? You’re one step closer to deep, honest, lasting relationships that bring you fulfillment and meaning—every single day.

Our powerful and successful Relationship courses will help you:

Relationships can be ugly and complicated. There are no quick-fix programs and we can’t give you any magic formulas. But with some hard work and fiery, passionate dedication, your relationships will become more fulfilling, dynamic, and stronger than ever.


There’s a reason you are here. Some of us just need a little help discovering our life purpose and living it. Wright’s Spirituality programs are designed to target the ultimate life questions – how we live, why we live, and what we are meant to do – and uncover a fully-realized life of purpose and spirit.

In our powerful and inspiring journey you will learn to:

Find your reason for being here and being alive. Join us on a spiritual pilgrimage to living a fully-realized and enriching life of purpose.


Every aspect of our lives, relationships, and connections with others is influenced by our family relationships. These connections run deep, and often allow us to harness our deepest potential. At Wright, we know that family connections are one of a kind, and our family, parenting, and child programs reflect that unique bond.

Our Family courses are specially crafted to:

Discover those valuable social and emotional intelligence skills that ignite the most powerful of bonds between those who mean most to us. Join one of Wright’s Family programs and begin your transformational family journey now.

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