Every couple hits a roadblock at some point in their lives – our human frailties make an altercation inevitable. We can help you work thorough it.

Healthy relationships start here.

Each one of us wants to be understood by our partner. We want honesty and passion and meaning and fulfillment—so we become disappointed and hurt when our closest relationships don’t live up to our expectations.

Our Couples Coaching and help you :
  • Be understood
  • Understand your partner
  • Get what you want
  • Enjoy the adventure
  • Learn and grow together

Connect with our coaches to share your goals and make a plan for change!

What you’ll get :

Our couples coaches will teach you strategies and skills to build and strengthen your partnership and live your vision for a rewarding life together. We want you to succeed and have more love and joy in your lives. Our experienced couples coaches are in a position to support you because they actively work on their own great relationships

What you’ll learn :
  • How to fully engage with your partner—every day
  • How to fight fair and productively work through conflict
  • How to heal your relationships and resolve your relationships battles
  • How to engage in relationship-building behaviors
  • How to live a life of adventure and understanding
  • How to experience true intimacy
  • How to break free from fairytale expectations

Details :

Couples coaching can be done by phone or in person. Coaching sessions can be purchased individually or in a package. For best results, we recommend that clients sign up for at least six sessions.

For more information and pricing, please contact Jillian Eichel at jillian@wrightgrad.edu

Not sure where to start? No problem. We'd love to help.