By working with the Human Emergence Group, leaders and managers maximize their influence in companies, and organizations improve their bottom line while enhancing their company culture and developing their social and emotional intelligence.

Our Core Values :

Maximization of Individual and Organizational Potential. We seek to develop learning organizations where business is seen as growthful play for pay. Profits are the rewards for full, integrous engagement, which includes a constant state of learning and growing for individuals, teams, and the organization.

Truth. With full expression of the truth, corporations and individuals have the information needed for the best solutions. We tell hard truths with compassion and understanding for enhanced problem solving, team building, planning, sales, and operations success. We communicate honestly, openly, responsibly, and often.  We believe we will be successful if our clients are successful.

Integrity. What is good for the corporation must be good for the individuals and the community. Integrity means wholeness, and therefore all five constituents of every business—owners, employees, customers, purveyors, and community—must be taken into account as fully as possible. We use Ethical Accounting. In all of our consulting relationships, we look at an expanded bottom line including the well being of all the constituencies. We believe in the 80/20 rule and seek to deliver maximum results for minimal cost. Rather than maximizing our billing, we seek to maximize client independence. We prefer to be lifelong partners with new, exciting work.

Empowerment, Workability and Results. We pride ourselves on operating from higher values with outstanding results. We do not simply deliver reports. We roll our sleeves up and work with clients to do the hard work that needs to be done to achieve the desired results.

Commitment. We guarantee our work.  We commit to our customers’ satisfaction and exceeding their expectations.  We intend for our customers to achieve their goals.  We earn the right to do business with our customers by creating value and delivering results.

Our Approach :

When employees and leaders are motivated, engaged and aligned, companies are more likely to be achieving their mission objectives, and the clients and customers that they serve are more likely to get what they want and need. We focus on the individual development of leaders within an organization.

Human Emergence Group’s signature programs:

Our Services :

In An Everyone Culture, Robert Kegan and Lisa Lasso Lahey wrote about the power and impact of becoming a “Deliberately Developmental Organization,” and that the best way to unleash an organization’s power is to realize the full potential of its individual employees.

In addition to our top-rated executive coaching and consulting services, we offer a number of services to help an organization become intentionally developmental. We have tools that we use and trainings that we provide to companies, including:

We customize every corporate experience to meet your organizational needs.

Companies we have worked with:

Human Emergence Group


Wright consulting implements competency models to optimize your talent management, organizational cohesion, and company alignment.

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Human Emergence Group


We bring out the best in individuals so they can bring out the best in their organizations. Our unique holistic approach to executive coaching and leadership development helps energize lives of executives and employees, leading to higher productivity, less stress, and more profits.

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Human Emergence Group


We bring the best of human emergence technology and social science research to business. Energize your talent, become a high-performing organization, and achieve your mission while enhancing bottom-line results.

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Human Emergence Group


Learn to empower every individual on your team with our powerful training and workshop events. We can provide customized social & emotional intelligence workshops, Lunch-and-Learn events and more for your organization.

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Human Emergence Group


Bring social and emotional intelligence to your organization with one of our expert speakers. Our talks can support your company in understanding transformational leadership, developmental organization, Women’s leadership, company culture, and many more.

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Mike Zwell, PhD, PCC


Mike is a Professor, Co-Founder and Chancellor of the Wright Graduate University. He leads and manages Wright’s advanced personal growth groups and oversees the coaching staff. Mike also serves as managing director of Wright’s consulting arm.

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Gordon Medlock, PhD


Dr. Gordon Medlock is a Senior Coach at Wright. He specializes in helping individuals clarify their unique talents and to discover career and life opportunities where they can create value and experience deeper levels of personal fulfillment.

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