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Plenty of consulting firms and executive coaches will tell you what you can do. Few have the audacity to show you who you can become.

We bring the best of human emergence technology and social science research to business. Energize your talent, become a high-performing organization, and achieve your mission while enhancing bottom-line results.

We bring out the best in individuals so they can bring out the best in their organizations. Our unique holistic approach to executive coaching and leadership development helps energize lives of executives and employees, leading to higher productivity, less stress, better results, and more profits.

Ideal State Action Planning (ISAP) Process

The Ideal State Action Planning (ISAP) Process is a potent tool that helps you accurately and adeptly identify the heart of your current business issues, ensure accurate problem identification, and develop solid, results-oriented solutions. This interactive methodology enables an organization to assess its present state, using real, grounded, sensory data to develop a clear picture of the current baseline from which your organization is working.

We facilitate executives and managers to envision the Ideal State towards which they are striving, including a detailed look at goals; objectives; and the organization’s overall purpose, mission, and vision. A representative group identifies and evaluates potential pathways to efficiently move the organization from the current state to the ideal state. The ISAP process adapts to a wide variety of organizations and situations. It can be facilitated by a Wright-trained expert or used by a facilitator from the organization itself, as described here, to help you build a shared vision of success for development, resulting in aligned teams. The method can also be easily taught to a facilitator by a Wright instructor.

Invest in strengthening your leaders and employees with powerful training.

Emergent 360 Assessments for Leadership Development

A fatal flaw with traditional 360’s that is that they apply a one-size-fits-all standard assessment framework for all leaders.  Such approaches typically miss the unique and distinctive talents of each individual leader, resulting in generic development plans that fail to leverage the unique capabilities of each individual.  The result is a watered down leadership development process that rarely delivers the desired results, either for the individual or the organization.

We have created an innovative 360 assessment process that moves beyond the traditional approach and delivers on the promise to optimize the effectiveness and business impact of your key leaders. It provides accurate feedback uniquely tailored to the individual leader, with executive coaching that leverages the emerging potential in each individual leader as well as the collective potential of your leadership team.

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